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Soil Engineering Service

Our core services are related to finite elements analyses. Nowadays most geotechnical problems can be analyzed using finite element procedures. The advantage is that complex geometries, loading, and subsoils conditions can be accommodated into an overall realistic analysis.

Typical geotechnical problems include bearing capacities of foundations; foundation settlements; deformations and stresses acting on earth retaining systems; seepage flow and dewatering problems; slope analysis; etc. Each type of problems, whether we use finite elements or not, requires a specific set of soil properties and parameters to be analyzed.

To solve these problems, In-Depth Geotechnical has implemented both Finite Elements procedures and advanced soil testing methods to analyse and solve typical problems in geotechnical design. We do not perform actual geotechnical design. But we will help you to complete your design in an efficient manner.

We determine soil properties and state parameters using in-situ and lab testing, and then we develop finite element models to evaluate or predict the soil responses. Ultimately, we can monitor actual performance of your geotechnical design.

We determine subsoil conditions. We model the geotechnical problem. We predict soil behaviour, and measure its performance. This is our engineer approach to geotechnical problems. We also provide QVE inspection services for foundation and earthworks.

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